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Bloatware is Evil

If you use a computer, you should ask yourself the following questions. Do I really need to update Flash, Java, iTunes, and my HP print software every week? Do I really need a half dozen toolbars littering my browser window? Does every program on my computer need a speed launcher running all the time on the slim chance that I’m opening Microsoft Access or Adobe Acrobat or OpenOffice? Unless you have some sort of undiagnosed techno-compulsion, the answer to these is probably “no.” Software manufacturers all want their programs to be as current as possible; they want you to install this toolbar or that toolbar so they can make a little money from Ask, Bing, Google or Yahoo for bundling that st


Remember the feeling you get when you first brought home that nice new shiny computer, and how fast it booted up, or turned on? There’s a widely spread myth that most versions of Windows suffer from what is called “OS rot”. This is the phenomenon that occurs when over time, you add and remove programs, and the registry (the database of software and settings that makes up your experience) becomes full of things no longer installed or remnants of older versions. Some people used to recommend reinstalling Windows every year or two, but with a good tune up, and/or a memory/SSD upgrade, your computer will grow with you, and what you expect out of it. There are plenty of programs out there that C

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