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Effective Upgrading

So you want to upgrade your computer. But you have no idea of what to change or add. This is situation is more common than you might think considering how pervasive computers are in our everyday lives. It’s a common question… where DO you start with an upgrade? When considering upgrading your PC or Laptop, the first question you should ask yourself is “why do I want to/need to upgrade?”. Do you want to upgrade because the latest graphically intensive 3D game won't run on your system? You most likely need a video card. Is your computer running super slow, taking forever to open programs, or just behaving sluggishly? You probably need more ram or a Solid State Drive Upgrade. Are you ou

Updating Drivers… Do You Need To?

“In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.” – Wikipedia It’s a question that almost every computer owner has asked themselves at least once. What’s the right answer? Well the simplest answer is if you’re not experiencing any issues with your current driver, let it be. Unless the updated driver contains a major feature upgrade or performance boost, it's usually ok to stick with what you have. The main exception to this rule are video cards. Unless there is an acknowledged issue with the current driver, updates are almost always performance increases! Always check your video cards manu

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