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We know a lot of our readers use Google Chrome as their daily browser.  Since it is also our favorite, we thought it would be relevant to post some ways to make Chrome work better for you!  We scoured the web and came up with these cool keyboard shortcuts!

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“A hard disk drive (HDD; also hard drive or hard disk) is a non-volatile, random access digital magnetic data storage device. It features rotating rigid platters on a motor-driven spindle within a protective enclosure. Data is magnetically read from and written to the...

One of the most confusing aspects of mobile computing for most people is the AC adapter.  Why is this confusing you ask?  Don’t you just plug it in and go?  Well, its not actually quite that simple.

The AC adapter is what is what gives a charge to your battery...


The Internet is a vast array of useful information, images, videos, games and much more. It’s the very nature of this that other “not so good” content comes up, and it’s so easy for our little ones to get drawn in to things that they really shouldn’t be looking at. It...

September 7, 2016

Another aspect of computer maintenance most people don’t consider is cleanliness.  Yes, your PC needs to periodically be cleaned.  Now I don’t mean with soap and water!  Usually a microfiber towel will suffice to remove dust, crumbs, and miscellaneous from the computer...

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