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What is Data Recovery


Every time you use your computer or laptop, the emails you type, websites you browse, music you download and documents you create will be stored (if saved correctly) on your hard drive or storage device. On the next occasion you switch on your computer or insert your storage device, these saved and stored items will be accessible for you to use again.


If your device fails or is damaged, however, all of your information will become ‘invisible’ or what is referred to as ‘lost’. This can be due to many reasons but is at best inconvenient and at worst, extremely distressing. To home users, this may mean the loss of precious photographs or coursework and to business owners, entire databases, project work and accounting systems.


Data Recovery is the term given to the process of retrieving this ‘lost’ data from damaged, failed or corrupted hard drives. The most common scenarios are the operating system failure, disk-level/media failure or accidental or even malicious deletion.



On receipt of your failed device we will analyse the extent of the damage and outline a recovery plan for the retrieval of your data, We will contact you with a diagnosis and firm quotation of the costs and processes involved to attempt the recovery of your data.



Once we have received your agreement to the quotation, we commence the data recovery process. When the repair and eventual recovery is complete a full file listing is forwarded for approval, once approved the data is then transferred onto your preferred method of storage media; the size and type will usually depend on the amount of data recovered. In most cases this will be a new (branded) external hard drive, which can be provided by us at cost or supplied by you, the choice is yours.




Hard disks and Storage Media fail for many reasons, and they are universal to desktops, laptops and removable storage. The most common are listed below. Please note this is not an exhaustive list but we have found the majority fall into one or more of these categories:-

  • Logical failure − such as a lost partition or accidental reformatting

  • Mechanical failure − such as head crashes or motor failures

  • Viruses, power surges, power spikes and system crashes

  • Natural disasters such as fire and water damage

  • Accidental deletion

  • Corruption, power failure or mechanical failure

  • Human error, overwriting or accidental deletion

  • Dropped hard drive, contamination or damage to media surface (scratches, etc)

  • Hardware or software malfunction / corruption

  • Lost partition malicious or mechanical

  • Computer not booting or unable to load or run applications

  • Back up failure, improper shutdown or master boot record damage

  • Forgotten passwords



How long Will i have to Wait

For those drives which do not require physical “surgery”, we can handle most cases within 5 Working days. We have experienced occasions when parts of the hard drive are critically damaged, which holds the process up but this is not commonplace.




A small sample of types data which we can recover from ALL media types are as follows:

  • ALL Microsoft Office files (from ALL versions Inc Open Source Office Applications)

  • Photographs (all graphic files)

  • Videos (all formats)

  • Spreadsheets and databases (from ALL popular and even bespoke applications)

  • Emails and Attachments from all popular and many not so popular email clients.


Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows8, MAC OS (all), Novell, Linux and Unix. Whatever the reason for your data loss, EADR can offer you a hard drive data recovery plan to cover any of the leading brands.



Although there are many IT Support and repair businesses throughout the UK, the vast majority do not have the expertise or indeed the equipment available to retrieve so-called “lost” items of information from logically or physically damaged media.

So if you have lost all your photographs or if your business is at a standstill due to a failure of a critical hard drive, we are fully equipped to help. Seeking professional advice and guidance should always be your first course of action if your data is of any value.

Here at Chips we offer a premium, professional data recovery service to all customers, whether you are a private individual or a blue-chip business.  Our small, friendly, dedicated team are on hand to ensure that the process of recovering your data is a smooth as possible.






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