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The Art Of Custom Made Gaming Computers

We Can Help You Build Your Dream Machine

A Custom Computer for Every Need 

We can help you build a custom PC desktop or laptop that will fulfill your gaming or professional needs. We can help you spec out components that will make up your dream computer, so long as the parts are available with the vendors.  Most custom build computers can be constructed from £300 or we can construct your pc from your parts from £50.


You may already own a beastly gaming or professional computer, we can help you fine tune any performance needs you may have with a hardware or software upgrade.


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Depending on what your specialised needs are you may have different hardware requirements to efficiently run any specific game or program.  Our hardware experts can help you assess which components need more power or require upgraded specs, and also make sure that all the parts are compatible with each other.  Trying to make third party products all play nice with each other is not always the easiest task.


If you want to avoid the hassle of returning components and hardware configuration mishaps, then you can have our techs build the computer for you.  If you attempted to build a custom computer on your own and have run into a roadblock, we can help you get on the right track.

A double-door configuration for a gaming desktop PC could mean easier access to all internal components.

The way the computer is shaped can increase airflow and improve heat dispersion.

The configuration of a desktop chassis can affect the kind of internal hardware components that will go inside your gaming machine.

The more slots the better… The expandability of your computer will allow your machine to grow with your requirements for gaming or professional design software.


A GPU is a programmable logic chip that renders images, animations and video for the computer’s screen. A beefier GPU chip will provide better visuals and frames per second (FPS) performance to intensify the gaming experience.

The display resolution settings you use for gaming will dictate how much VRAM you really need. If you intend on using more than one display you will need more VRAM to accommodate the extra screen.

Get a video card capable of using a shader app for customized graphics effects, so that computer-generated imagery, and video games seem to produce an infinite range of effects.

Overheating video cards are a common problem for gaming computers.  You can avoid this problem by getting a graphics cards with multiple fans to create an overall cooler and better gaming experience.

What happens when a computer overheats?


Best Case Scenario:

  • Automatically powers off and cools down

Worst Case Scenario:

  • Permanently damaged components or an explosive fire

Size definitely matters in the world of gaming, look for fat pipes on the cooling fan for better heat flow.

A powerful enemy on the continuing quest for frame rates performance is heat. Sitting among all the high-tech gear in your PC is the under-rated fan.  A proper fan can help you avoid all sorts of disasters.



A dual cooling fan set up in your gaming PC can provide the added air flow efficiency your computer will need, for all the intense processes that it will be running.

The rule that “there is no such thing as too much RAM” is still valid. Large amounts of ram is excellent for improving the loading performance by disk caching, or for avoiding freezing due to virtual memory swapping.

If you plan on running other processes in addition to gaming with additional monitors all at the same time, then maxing out your ram is a must.

If you work professionally with video or image editing, having at least 16 GB is usually considered standard for working with professional applications such as Sony Vegas, , Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro.

Ram gives your processor a place to carry out the necessary processes.  The more memory you have and the quicker it functions, the faster your processor can access important files.

The benefit of installing games on an SSD is the drastic reduction in load times.  The data transfer speed of SSDs are usually over 500 MB/s, which is much higher than that of traditional HDDs, which normally deliver under 120 MB/s.

The new Samsung 950 PRO uses cutting edge technology and delivers exceptional performance using a V-NAND-based NVMe SSD, which supports PCI Express® Gen 3 x4 lanes allowing for higher bandwidths and lower latency.  This SSD comes in a compact M.2 form factor and with 32Gb/s bandwidth

We have extensive experience in upgrading Laptops and PCs with top performing SSD configurations.  Whether you need a replacement drive or an upgraded RAID configuration on a custom desktop we can help you find the best solutions.

A cost effective way to configure the drives on your gaming machine is to get as big of an SSD as you can afford, then installing Windows and your games on it.  You can install a larger, secondary traditional HDD for general storage of user files or for a back up of the files on the SSD.

While this may be true, without a proper power supply your computer will not be able to run even with all the other high powered components.

The quality of the power supply unit (PSU) you choose will dictate what other components you can install into your computer right now as well as in the future.  For example, lower-end power supplies will not function properly with high end video cards.

Power Supply Units (PSUs) that come with larger fans can have improved performance.  Larger cooling fans typically move more air while making less noise than smaller fans.

Oftent we have gamers or professionals that are tech savvy but have gotten themselves into a bind while building their own dream machines.  If this happens with you feel free to call us, our hardware experts can make sure you find the most cost effective solution that works for your unique situation

Higher-end power supplies usually have bigger and better capacitors, chokes, and other internal components.  They also come with larger heatsinks for superior heat dissipation.


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