laptop repair chesterfield

 laptop repair chesterfield

Custom Built Laptops



Chips Computers makes more than just PCs, we change perceptions on what a Laptop can provide, in terms of value, performance and productivity. We have a passion for building awesome computers that offer computing power at whatever level you require.

Be it gaming, home  use, workstation for adobe or CAD applications, you name it we can build it! Some people have no idea that there is a whole other level of performance and reliability out there and at Chips that is what we aim to deliver. Our range of Laptops are for people who know that the best computers do not come off a shelf, they are handmade and lovingly designed.

Chips custom built laptops have many advantages over the type of laptop you will find in high street stores like PC World. You can decide exactly what level of power you would like, instead of having to choose from a series of computers that have distinct strengths and flaws, we will build you a computer that will do exactly what you need it to. Our computers are engineered to ensure they don’t suffer from the problems other manufacturers systems have, with overheating and blue screens. Another advantage is that Chips allow you to choose exactly what you want inside your desktop PC. You can choose the Style, CPU, graphics cards, hard drives, optical drives, and more! Customise our desktop range to your heart’s content, and sort through our expansive inventory to find the parts and components that work best for your budget and performance requirements. Our PCs also don’t have any bloatware installed with no unnecessary programs slowing down your performance PC before you have even turned it on. Chips allows your computer to stretch its legs and give the maximum performance every-time.

Last but certainly not least, one of the worst things about a preconfigured PC can be dealing with the terrible customer service when things are not going well. With Chips you don't have the worry. If you have a questions about one of our custom desktops you can speak to the engineer that built your PC. He/She is the person that knows your system better than anyone and will more than happy to help you resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

If you are in the market for a custom desktop that offers the highest quality performance and can leave other laptop in its dust, make Chips your first choice for a laptop. We can promise you will not regret leaving the world of average laptop's behind!