I apologize in advance for not having the best picture to display what Windows 10 looks like. But, you are welcome to come in the store and see it first hand on our large screen monitor! Now for my take on Windows 10, drum roll........ I like it! It is in my opinion what Windows 8 SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!! Here you have the layout that we have all come to know and love, with a touch of a new look. It's easy to navigate like Windows 7. I did not feel intimidated in the least. Windows 8 threw me into rage. I feel happy using Windows 10. It's as if Microsoft listened to us and gave us what we have been wanting. I won't tell you that you will dive in and love it on the first use. It will take time to adjust as with anything. However, by my third go at it, I was well under way. I do so love this operating system! I did not think I could love one as much as I did XP or Windows 7. How wrong I was. This has a fresh new look without the clutter of Windows 8. You still have options of the apps, however, they have been neatly stored out of your way. It is also a nippy operating system. Remember what a resource hog Vista was? You won't get that waiting time with 10. But don't take my word, come in and see for yourself! We are open Monday through Friday 10AM to 6:30PM and on Saturday 10AM to 4PM, closed Bank Holidays. With Easter Bank Holiday we will be open Monday - Friday as usual and closed Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday. If you have any questions feel free to call us on 01246 200214

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