By reading the title alone it reminds you of an episode of Top Gear where they have the reasonably priced car. Well, actually, that's where I got the idea for this blog. I sat back and noticed I had done a review for gaming things in an earlier blog, but not really one for the home and office or for someone that can't spend £60 or better on a keyboard, mouse, headset a piece. So today we are having "Top Tech" where I am going to highlight a keyboard, mouse, and headset. For the keyboard and mouse there will be two types, both wired and wireless. I'll even have a combo for each category that I found to be best value for money which includes mouse and keyboard together. First up, I want to talk about the wired: I have found leading the pack by leaps and bounds on the best keyboard in this category is the Gigabyte K6800 at a low cost of £15. Here's why...The keyboard is very comfortable to type on and it has multi media functions built in. You can turn the sound down, pause, play videos, and it has a few other nifty hot buttons that come in handy, not to mention it is hard wearing. This keyboard is USB. Next is our wired mouse. I am liking the Approx appTwister at £18 for this one. My reasons...It feels great in my hand and I don't tend to cramp up after extended use, it is very responsive and looks great. It is commonly sold as a lower end game mouse, however, I would think it would be great for the home and office user whom wants a little more than what a "cheap and cheerful" can do. This mouse is USB. For my wired combo, I had to look no further than Genius HS-G500V for £21. This is a smaller streamline keyboard and mouse for those that have limited space and great for those who don't care to splash out for individual mouse and keyboards. Perfect for the home/office user. Up next, headphones! We all have a use for headphones whether it be noise reduction with the kids playing games and music or for our own personal enjoyment. Which ever your need be, the Genius HS-G500V at £21 is a steal. The sound is clear and it is very comfortable to wear. The lightweight design allows you to wear it for a more extended period without discomfort of some headsets. *within reason of course* These are also great for Skype. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this segment, I will be highlighting my reasonably priced WIRELESS peripherals. So, without further ado... Being that wireless keyboards are not typically sold without the mouse we will have them in with a mouse combo. These all use USB connection. The keyboard and mouse (wireless) that I found to be value for money was again Genius brand. The Genius SlimStar 8000ME. Much like it's wired sister combo, it is very streamline and a great home and office style combo. Retailing at £20, I'd say it was a steal. On it's own, the wireless mouse that did it for me was the Gigabyte Aire M73. The reason was yet again in size. Most wireless mice on their own are quite small and your hands can cramp up after a while. This mouse allows you to spread your hand a little more. It is very comfortable and while it is slightly bigger, it is easy to tuck away in a laptop bag for travel. At £23 I think it is the clear choice. I did not have any wireless headphones to mention, as you may have noticed. There is a reason. I am not a fan. I have not come across a pair that were up to standard. However, when I do find some that I deem worthy of recommending, I will write a separate blog on them. I never recommend anything I would not have for myself. If you have any questions regarding these or any other products please feel free to call us on 01246 200214 open Monday - Friday 10 AM till 6:30 PM Saturday 10 AM till 4 PM. Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays. So there you have it...your Reasonably Priced Peripheral Review. And on that bombshell, thanks for reading!

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