So much has been going on here lately. I guess by now most people have heard of our latest award, the Chesterfield Retail Awards 2015 Phones and Technology. If you haven't, now you know. At this time we would like to take the time to say a big massive THANK YOU. First of all a big massive thank you to our customers who took the time to nominate us in the first place. Without you, none of this would have been possible. We will strive every day to live up to it and exceed it! To those on the committee that voted for us and pushed us through, this means so much that you chose us. We know we are not a huge shop, but we like to think we make up for it with our services. We try really hard. We would also like to take this time to send out our congratulations to all of the winners for a job well done. You have set yourselves a Benchmark to maintain and exceed. Finalists, this is not a loss. You worked hard and you got this far, that's a BIG achievement! Embrace it, and press yourselves hard for next year. In addition to our customers and the committee we would like to recognize other people who are behind the scenes that make our lives at Chips a lot easier, our suppliers and our account managers that see to it our stock is delivered without a hitch. You all know who you are. If we have not mentioned you in this post, it is because we did not want it to look like when Michael Jackson received the Grammy Award in 1984 and thanked everyone for about 30 minutes per win. But thank you!

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