On Friday, 11th of September, 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Chips attended Open Day at Target Components. There we attended workshops to help us help you, saw new products to consider stocking, and last but not least; won the Shop Talk Award for our Millennium Falcon PC. That's two years in a row that we have won a Shop Talk Award as voted for by our peers nationally! So, we did what anyone would do, we celebrated with a long weekend. Thanks for your patience on that, by the way. Many of you know that we build custom PCs and laptops. But, do you know how extreme our builds can be? We like to "think outside the box" from time to time. A regular tower PC is what most people order from us. But when we have an order for something "out there" such as the Millennium Falcon or the AT AT from Star Wars, we enjoy the build even more. Why? It's a challenge! Anyone that knows Mrs. Chips knows that she LOVES a challenge! According to her, anyone can build a standard tower PC, but it takes some imagination and know how to build a computer out of a toy etc, and make it not only work but look the part. She wanted to do the Millennium Falcon last year but we could not find one that would be large enough to accommodate the parts we would need. Thus we built the AT AT. So, this was to be her dream creation. It is also the last in the Star Wars series for a while. We did this one as a tribute to the new Star Wars movie due out in December. What we would like are some ideas for some other "outside the box" computers. Simply comment on our facebook page and let us know. We always welcome your input. In regards to winning the award, we would like to thank everyone who voted for us and Target Components for all they do. Also, some special recognition goes out to people at Target that make our day a lot easier such as John, Cory, Paul, Sonya and Elizabeth. Thanks!!!

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