FACEBOOK...Facts You Should Know About It!

Would you hold a picture of your child up to a perfect stranger? Would you tell a potential burglar that your home is abandoned for 2 weeks while you are on holiday? Would you tell people at random what is under your Christmas tree? You probably answered NO to every question. In a logical world, the answer is definitely, NO! So, why do people put it on Facebook for people to see?

Be careful what you post on Facebook. It’s nice to show your holiday photos on your Facebook page so your friends can have that view that you had. However, posting them while you are on holiday is not so clever. Posts like “Just checked in our hotel and I am getting ready to soak up the sun here in Spain” just ask for someone to break into your house. The way that you can share and not be subject to incident is simple. Post the AFTER you return. Posts like “Had a lovely time in Spain, but good to be home again” are the perfect way of telling about your holiday. Then feel free to let the pictures flow.

So you are just itching to show off your new baby or your child’s latest school picture, what do you do? I never recommend kids on Facebook. There are people out there that can and will save the image to their computer with unspeakable things in mind. Plus, if they know the child’s face and where they go to school, what is stopping them from meeting them at the gate with the news “mum is sick, come with me”? The best way to share pictures if you must use the internet is to email them to a select group of friends.

You got your Christmas shopping done and you are ready snap a picture of the tree with gifts and a status “Christmas can’t get here soon enough, Sam is so ready for his Xbox”. In one line you just told the world that you have some big ticket items under your beautiful tree and to help themselves to it. Simply posting a picture of the tree would be a better option.

It’s not what you say but how you say it. There’s a time and place for everything. Remember that just because you do it, have it, or think it, does not mean it needs to be on Facebook. Think safety for you and your family before you post. Sometimes the most well-meant posts can lead to a world of danger. Stay cyber safe!

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