Recognizing A Scam

Scammers of all kinds have one thing in common at the end of the day, they want your money. They will say and do anything to get it, and that can mean stealing your identity, accessing your bank account and or holding something for ransom such as your files on your PC for starters. Scary isn’t it? Well, I am going to point out some ways to keep you safe and make it easier for you to spot a possible scam BEFORE you fall victim.

  1. Someone is trying to remotely access your computer and you have not called with an issue. These people call disguised as banks, internet companies, you name it. If you have not called them to report a problem, hang up and do not allow them access to your computer.

  2. Random emails that come through saying Dear Customer. Most companies will address you by your name if it is a legitimate email. Do not click links in these emails and do not respond. Delete them immediately.

  3. There is a person on the internet site that you visit (such as dating sites) that seems overly friendly or pushy. These people start out being “interested in you” and then they make their way into asking to meet you and possibly want your bank details. If they push too fast too soon, avoid them. Better to be alone than with someone who only wants your money.

  4. Someone is trying to tell you how to get rich by working from home and how they do it. If they had gotten rich, they would not be telling you how to do it too for nothing. A lot of these will include pyramid schemes where you get so much money for selling something and the people you refer will generate money etc. Avoid.

  5. Miracle health care pills etc. Yes we all know about these, they guarantee that our quality of life will be so much better and these drugs are really cheap. What they don’t tell you is they are either untested or they do not exist. They may even offer you a few pills free by just submitting your name, address etc. The things is, once they have your name and address they can access your details on electoral rosters. Never give that information out. Contact your GP for any medical needs.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stay safe. Below are some links to help you if you are someone you love has fallen victim to a scam or would like more information on staying safe.

Age UK scams advice at:

Action Fraud A-Z of scams at:

Metropolitan Police information on scams at:

Think Jessica information on scams at:

Land Registry information on property fraud at:

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