Remember the feeling you get when you first brought home that nice new shiny computer, and how fast it booted up, or turned on? There’s a widely spread myth that most versions of Windows suffer from what is called “OS rot”. This is the phenomenon that occurs when over time, you add and remove programs, and the registry (the database of software and settings that makes up your experience) becomes full of things no longer installed or remnants of older versions. Some people used to recommend reinstalling Windows every year or two, but with a good tune up, and/or a memory/SSD upgrade, your computer will grow with you, and what you expect out of it.

There are plenty of programs out there that Claim they help increase the speed of a computer, A lot of these are scams and we would not recommend using them as we have also known them to cause data loss as well as damage to the startup files within windows.

Do you see all those little icons down next to the clock (may need to click the little arrow next to it)? Those are all programs currently running in the background of your computer. Each and every little hieroglyph is available system memory that can’t be used while working on important projects or watching Youtube. We can remove the start-up items you don’t need running all the time. Adobe Flash; Adobe Reader; any Google, Apple, or HP software; Microsoft Office and OpenOffice; Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo and Asus stock programs – all of these have unnecessary updater and speed launchers that can be eliminated by having a service. Most user’s see no benefit from many of these programs even if they are aware of their existence. Removing them can take a great burden off an already stressed computer. Even though they have been removed from start-up these programs will still work if you click on the icon for it on the desktop or start menu.

If you have questions about what any of the items are, it’s always best to leave it alone or do a quick Web search to find out what a particular startup item are can be tricky as you will find a lot of fake programs saying they can stop it and remove it for a fee and they sometimes make things a lot worse. Any computer new or old can benefit from a tune-up/service

At Chips Computers we offer a full tune-up service for £40. We remove all the things that don’t need rid of and more wasted space. We optimise certain aspects of the operating system that are too technical for the average user to tackle in a process that is customised for each version of Windows. We take a look at startup services which do not show themselves down in the taskbar and cannot be removed normally. We run full maintenance on the file system to remove any errors or fragmentation issues. We run full software updates to make sure Windows is running smoothly and efficiently. We offer to fully uninstall any programs you would like to get rid of, and we do a hardware assessment to see if your computer has any other issues or would benefit from a cost effective upgrade.

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