Keeping your little ones safe on the Internet

The Internet is a vast array of useful information, images, videos, games and much more. It’s the very nature of this that other “not so good” content comes up, and it’s so easy for our little ones to get drawn in to things that they really shouldn’t be looking at. It can be a scary place and requires parental vigilance to ensure they remain safe.

For years there have been programs bundled with Internet Security companies, and many of them can be more complex to manage, so parents tend to give up on the possibility of enforcing Parental Controls. Many modern internet routers also have built in policies to set time restrictions and website blocks, but often requires high levels of IT skill to get this right…

Along comes Windows 10, and luckily for its users, we now have Microsoft Family Safety to help out the Parents. Directly integrated into Windows, and allows you to have control over what your children are doing, monitor activity, restrict websites, see what programs they are using, and even add in timed access control – making sure they know when it’s bedtime!

Setting it up in Windows 10 is fairly easy; Open Settings, then Accounts, and then choose the “Family and Other Users” option. Then click “Add a family member”. From here you can create accounts for your children, and then once done all they need to do is login to their PC, laptop or Windows device with their details, and they will be protected and controlled with the settings you have set for them.

You can allow reporting, weekly reports and much more. One unique feature is that if you use the time controls, you can change them easily for say “school holidays”. Even the child can click a button when their “internet time” is up, and it will then send you a message giving you the option to extend it for them if you wish. All very clever, but very simple to manage too by logging in to your “Parent” account from any internet connected device.

Visit Microsoft for more details. Totally free service by Microsoft and worthwhile giving it a go if you have children and you want to secure their internet activities.

For more help and advice take a look for your nearest store on, our Members will always be happy to help.

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