I’ve Got A Mate Who’s Great With Computers

Everyone seems to have a genius in the family or “that mate” who has knowledge of computers. But how much do they know, REALLY? When a customer tells me “I let a mate look at it, and now it is worse”, I cringe. I know that the mate has probably made my job harder and my customer’s bill more expensive. You would not take your car to your mate to fix if he/she were not a mechanic, so why take your computer to a mate if they are not a professional? When I say professional, I don’t mean they took a course in computers. I mean they have years of training in the sector and have the credentials to back it up. (Microsoft/Apple Certified etc. )

You Mates often download software that appears to be something to “speed up” the computer. In actual reality, it is slowing the computer down. It can be spyware/malware. When a mate takes your computer apart, (especially laptops) there is no end of things that can go wrong. A professional knows what to do, how to do it and what to look for in taking it apart. Many times a simple hard drive replacement can lead to a laptop with a broken mouse pad or keyboard due to a mate having a look at it. This is a good way to lose a mate as well. You will probably ask them to buy you a new laptop being they damaged yours, and the mate will not want to. You fall out, and you don’t speak to each other etc. All of this could have been prevented if you had taken the computer to a professional, to begin with. It’s worth the money to not have this kind of hassle. Nine times out of 10 a professional can have you up and running in no time and with a lot less of a charge if you do not allow a non-professional to look at it first. “My son who goes to uni will look at it when he gets home; he does a lot of gaming”. Come to find out they play Candy Crush on Facebook etc. and have not got the foggiest idea why your computer’s time is out. They decide to reset it. There goes all of your pictures, documents, etc. for what could have been sorted ever so easily, and you would not be so frustrated about it if you had taken it to someone that has been doing this for years and has their own computer business. Do we see a pattern here? “I’ll let my husband look at it”. RED ALERT! If my husband were not my colleague in our computer store, this would so not be something I would ever say. It’s not that you should not trust your spouse, but if they are not qualified, you stand the chance of a huge row later. Is it really worth it? So, what have we learned today? A: When your computer is not performing as it should you should call a professional. B: Do not allow mates, spouse, kids or other pets to fix your computer. C: Keep calm and call Chips Computers on 01246200214 for all of your computer needs! Written by Jenni Griffiths @ Chips Computers

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