Benefits of a Computer Memory Upgrade

Despite everything they do for us, we all wish our computers could do more. As technology advances, things like on-demand video over the Internet and increasingly vivid computer game graphics have created a need for more system memory. Ten years ago, a computer could hop along with one sixteenth of the memory the average computer has today.

But those days are gone. Skype itself uses more system memory than those computers had, and if you want to be doing anything else, you need the memory. When people refer to the “speed” of a computer, they are usually talking about the relative quickness that programs load and the system responds to commands. This speed is a factor of mainly two components (with an exception of a SSD). The processor does all the actual crunching of numbers and whizzing of bits, but in order to be able to do this, the computer needs to have free memory for it to store all the digital equations that make up something as simple as Windows calculator.

Memory, also referred to as RAM, is akin to a piece of scratch paper while performing complicated maths problems. The more memory a computer has, the more space the CPU has to put things it’s currently working on. Everything from the operating system itself to individual Internet browser tabs is going to use memory. The less RAM a system has, the slower the computer will seem to respond to commands and load programs because it has to trudge all that information back from the computer’s hard drive.

Adding memory is a fast, cheap way to get visible speed from a computer and can often be added without replacing the memory your computer already has. A computer manufactured in the last six years can usually have its memory increased by 2 to 4 times the amount for under £50. The increase in responsiveness can make these older machines feel like new ones at the fraction of the cost of a new machine,. We stock the most common memory options and can order memory in any denomination manufactured.

Not sure if your computer could benefit from a memory upgrade? Bring it on in and ask. We’ll let you know what the options are, what we have in stock and what performance increase you can expect to see from it. It’s that easy!

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