People often say to me "I don't need antivirus/internet security, I only surf the internet and do facebook and a few emails, it's not like I buy anything online". Right there, you have just told me 3 reasons why you DO need security. The first one is the internet. Secondly, facebook. There are so many things that can happen to your computer on social media. People get bent out of shape at certain comments or posts and before you know it, hacker alert. There are also dodgy sites disguised as ads. Third, email. The place where one person sends a picture from their computer to your computer and so on. What is to say that file you are clicking on is not infected? Just because it came from a friend? Not all viruses etc come from hackers. Many come from sharing things in good faith. Your friend may not realize they have an issue until it is too late. So, if you are unprotected, you might end up with a hefty computer repair bill or even worse. 

I have attached a link for you to click on that explains even further why security is so important and how it protects you from many different things. Have a read. Then, get some security. We sell Bullguard £29.95 1 year 1 device, and Bullguard £39.95 1 year 3 devices, If you would like any more info, please give us a call today on 01246200214. We will be glad to help you.


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