Less Is More

Everything you ever wanted to know about keeping things safe on your PC

Ladies are taught from a young age “less is more” when it comes to doing make up and things.  That same rule applies to your computer and anti-virus/security. 

First, select a product that is right for your needs and stick with it.  If you find that it does not work for you, remove it before adding another program.  Why?  Because, if you leave it on and put another on with it, they will battle each other and slow your computer down. 

Every day I see at least one machine with Norton and McAfee running side by side.  The person has usually let the first one laps and has put the other on till they can afford to get their regular one renewed.   If you have to do this, take your original off first. 

Some securities can be hard to remove if you are not a trained professional.  If you are having an issue removing the old security, take it to your regular IT and tell them what you are trying to achieve.  They will have special tools to aide and assist them in getting the job done correctly and in most cases will even install the program of choice.     

The latest machine through the door had not only Norton and McAfee but AVG, and about 4 different programs that were supposed to speed the machine.  Turns out the programs were rogue (fake) and thus the person’s machine had been overrun with malware and was ever so slow.

So, keep it simple, one security program per machine.  If that program is not doing what it should, don’t be afraid to contact a professional for advice on an internet security to suit your needs.  A good program should have but not limited to Vulnerabilities Scan, Firewall, Spam Filter, Safe Browsing, Game mode, Parental Control, Anti-Virus, Tune Up, and customer support. If it does not have these basic things, you need to look elsewhere.  There is no need for more than one program to do all of the above features.  Most retailers/IT professionals sell programs that have all of the above and more in one nice security program that won’t slow you down to a crawl. 

If this article applies to you, book in with your favourite IT professional for a service and have a decent security suite put on while you are there.  You will be glad you did.   

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