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Viruses are the scourge of the Internet – whether you’re enjoying social networking sites, responding to email, or just stumbling upon things – there’s always the chance of contracting this week’s new security threat. Knowing how to deal with potential threats and having the latest protection against them are the best way to defend yourself against malicious software.

Most users are running some sort of antivirus software, and if you’re not protected, you should be. Microsoft Security Essentials/AVG/AVAST are free, basic antivirus program for users running Windows (Microsoft will not work with newer versions of windows). It can protect against most conventional viruses and some malware, but it has serious limitations when it comes to rogue malware or its ability to reliably remove threats. If you’re flying blind on the Internet, it will definitely be better than no protection at all, but it is lacking when compared to paid antivirus.

But if you’re using your computer for work, school or any form of Banking (including buying things on eBay/Amazon/Tesco) and want a greater reassurance that nothing will go wrong, Bullguard Internet Security is one of the better programs out there and the one We Recommend. Bullguard catches as many threats as any other top-rated antivirus software... The Bullguard folks have been a big name in virus removal for years, and they spend a lot of money detecting and researching new viruses. This gives Bullguard its high response rate to new threats, and it’s live update system is quick and painless. Bullguard will remove threats as it finds them and gives the user the option of seeing all the technical information on the infection (which is great from a technician’s standpoint). Altogether, Bullguard offers some of the best coverage available.

But even with a good antivirus program, you can still be infected. New rogue security software is being released every week intent on collecting credit card or identity information. These programs can bypass antivirus software by embedding themselves in .PDF files, images or even word documents. They can use a method known as “click-jacking” to fool the user into installing the malicious software. They can even hide themselves in programs found on file-sharing sites or disguise themselves as browser plug-ins.

So if you do get infected out there and need your computer cleaned fast, Chips Computers specializes in non-destructive virus removal. We work hard to remove and clean all threats while leaving your installed programs intact. Unlike bargain unregistered techs/shops who are known to WIPE everything from your computer, we ensure that the computer is completely cleaned of all infected files including bits that hide themselves in system restore files, the recycle bin or even in the computer’s master boot record. Some shops will also skip straight to reinstalling Windows, but not us. We have a proven track record for eliminating things the competition can’t reliably remove.

So if you’re infected, come down to Chips Computers. We make the process of protection as painless as possible. We offer virus removal at a flat £40 or £60 with an included Service/Clean-up, and we’re worth every penny. We can also advise you in more steps to staying safe on the Internet (including a free leaflet) and help you choose an antivirus program that is right for you. If you’re interested in Bullguard, we sell it at £29.95, If you’d like to try it free for 60 days, go to the following link.

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