If you are like most of my customers, you may ask yourself "how am I going to avoid replacing this laptop so soon"? It's a fair question. Today I have some great tips that will help your laptop live a long and healthy life. Some you will know, some you may have known and just forgot them, and some you will say "hmm that makes sense". So, without further ado, here we go.

Tip 1. Keep it cool. You can do this by avoiding anything that will block the flow of air through the vents and any fan obstruction.

The number one cause of fans being blocked is they are sitting on a soft surface such a sofas and beds. Not only do the vents get blocked and the laptop suffers, but it can cause a fire. Beds and sofas with laptops are a no no!

Tip 2. Avoid letting children put things inside of the vents and fans. This can kill your laptop or electrocute your child. 

Tip 3. Never spray deodorants, hair spray, or smoke around your laptop. You may ask yourself how all of these can hurt your laptop. Well, the answer is simple. When you spray the above or smoke around your laptop, it gets a sticky film inside and blocks the air flow. After a while the fan gets so corroded that it does not spin properly, thus causing the laptop to overheat again. 

Tip 4. Mind the socket! Be careful when you take the charger out of the laptop. Don't yank it by the cord. Gently give it a little pull. That's all it takes. Sockets are very pricey to repair and if too much trauma is caused, it can damage the board as well. Then you are faced with whether to repair it or buy a new one.

Tip 5. Have a service at least twice a year. Why? Because if you are like most people, you will notice your laptop slowing down a little. It does this because of a good many things. Viruses are just one of them, also, your hard drive accumulates tons of things it does not need such as cookies, temporary files, etc that it does not need. By getting a service you are basically taking out the garbage for your laptop. 

Tip 6. Invest in a good Internet Security/Antivirus program. Free ones are free for a reason. The reason is, they don't cover you as well as paid for programs do. If I were to recommend some they would be the likes of Bullguard or Kaspersky. 

Tip 7. When you carry your laptop around in the bag, turn the laptop where the lid faces the bottom of the bag and the cord is against the bottom of the laptop if you have a front pocket on the laptop case for your charger. This will prevent you from bumping into something and smashing the screen with the prongs of the charger cable. 

Tip 8. Try not to move the laptop when it is on. When you move the laptop and it is on, the hard disk can take damage. Think of the hard drive as an old record. Once those got scratches they never quite played the song the same again. The hard drive spins much like the records used to but faster. So, don't move it while it's on unless you HAVE to. 

Tip 9. Anything liquid, avoid it like the plague! Laptops do not like liquids. Whether it be water, tea, mixed cocktails, fruit shoots, body fluid of any kind (yes I have seen this), if it gets on your laptop not only does it make a mess of it cosmetically and spread germs, it causes problems inside. No matter how careful you are when you bend over the laptop after a workout, you are going to get a little sweat on the keyboard area. Sweat has salt in it. Salt is a corrosive. Corrosive and laptops are not friends. Sugar is another, anything with sugar in it that gets spilled on your laptop will be fatal. 

Tip 10. Avoid dropping or letting your laptop sit on a place where it is subject to falling or being at the hands of a child trying to get it. Once you drop one, it is subject to irreversible damage.

But, if you do have problems or need a service for your laptop please be sure to contact us here at Chips Computers. Our friendly staff will help you no matter what you need. You can call the store for advice or with questions on 01246 200214 or if a Call Out is needed, call our mobile service on 07738080629.

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