computer shop chesterfield, computer store chesterfield

Chips Computers - The Shop

Chips Computers started as a Callout service in 2005, after seeing there was demand and the need for a store we decided to open our first store in 2014. This is our main base for the business where all the work is done from repairs to building bespoke computers to fit your needs.


We have two parts to the store


The Shop Sales Area

In this area we stock a large range of everyday computer items, This includes a Gaming Zone, as well as an area we can design you a bespoke computer. This area is also used as a consultation area where we can advise you about products and repairs.


Here is a list of some of the items we Stock and make


  • Laptops

  • Custom Computers and Laptops

  • Keyboards and Mice (Cabled and Wireless)

  • Printers

  • Wireless networking devices.

  • Cables, from Audio to HDMI

  • Battery’s

  • Power Leads

  • Adaptors

  • Paper and Photo Paper

  • Epson Compatible Inks

Repair / Build Area

The Repair/build area of the shop has been designed by ourselves; this was done so we can make sure that we could do everything as efficiently as possible.


Here are some of the items/devices/technology we use


  • A Huge Computer that can store over 20TB (20,000GB) of Data, this allows us to backup all your information when your computer is in for repair.

  • Our Data Recovery Computer Has one of the fastest processors able to buy with 32GB of Memory (Ram) to allow it to do so of the most demanding possible including data recovery and Encoding data.

  • Computers/Parts dating back over 20 years that may be needed to help us diagnose problems with machines that are no longer supported.

  • Air compressor to allow us to Clean out the dirtiest of computers in seconds.

  • Well over 100 Screwdrivers and tools to fit the strangest of computers.

  • Cutting tools to allow us to modify computer cases.

  • Spray Paint Area to allow us to give your computer that something extra you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Soldering/Heating tools to allow us to change/replace components on Circuit boards.

computer shop chesterfield, computer store chesterfield

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